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CBD capsules offer consumers an easy, discreet way of ingesting CBD on the go. Browse our collection of CBD capsules below. All our products are tested by a third-party lab for quality assurance.

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What are CBD capsules?

CBD capsules are oral capsules designed to easily deliver CBD to the body through the digestive system. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it will not cause the high associated with cannabis use

Can I buy CBD capsules legally in the UK?

Yes, CBD capsules in all their forms such as tablets and pills are legal in the UK as long as they contain no more than 0.01% of THC per container. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that’s largely responsible for the “high” experienced by cannabis users. The small amount of THC present in finished CBD products is not enough to cause intoxication.

What is better CBD capsules or oil?

The major difference between CBD oil and capsules is in how they’re absorbed. Whereas CBD oil is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through blood vessels under the tongue, capsules have to pass through the digestive system and liver.

Do CBD capsules work well?

CBD capsules offer a convenient way to get all of the benefits of CBD. Still, they don’t work as well as CBD oil, because CBD is poorly absorbed by the body when you swallow it. 

What drugs should not be taken with CBD?

CBD can affect enzymes and proteins that help your body metabolize over 60% of all medications. You should consult your doctor before taking CBD if you’re using any prescription drugs. You can read more on CBD drug interactions here.

Do CBD capsules work for anxiety?

Numerous studies have shown that CBD can reduce anxiety. CBD capsules can work for anxiety as effectively as CBD oil, although you may need to take larger doses.

Do CBD capsules make you sleepy?

CBD capsules can make you sleepy because one of the potential side effects of CBD is drowsiness.

How to take CBD capsules?

If you’re new to CBD, it’s always best to start around 10 to 20mg of CBD per day, assess how you feel, and gradually increase the dosage if needed until you begin to experience the desired effects.The FSA suggests a maximum daily intake of 70mg CBD.

How are CBD capsules made?

CBD capsules are made by extracting cannabidiol from hemp, a variety of cannabis with low THC levels. This extract can contain pure CBD or a blend of CBD and other beneficial hemp compounds, including other cannabinoids and terpenes. The extract is then dissolved in a carrier oil such as olive oil to improve its absorption and encapsulated in a shell made out of gelatin or vegetarian-friendly plant cellulose.

Why buy CBD capsules from our store?

We consulted with medical cannabis expert Prof. Michael Barnes to create our quality assessment criteria which we use to source all our CBD capsules. Here are the key factors which all products in our store must meet:

  • Lab reports - First and foremost, a reputable CBD brand will always have its products tested by a third-party lab. These tests confirm that the product contains the correct levels of CBD and other cannabinoids and is free of pesticides and other contaminants. Third-party tests should be readily available on the company’s website. They’re the only way to confirm that you’re getting what you paid for.
  • Organic hemp - Since CBD comes from hemp, the quality of the source plants is also important. That’s why we only offer products made from organically grown plants cultivated in highly regulated jurisdictions. The capsules in our list come from brands that have direct relationships with their farmers and can validate the hemp is grown in an organic environment.
  • Extraction method - The quality of CBD capsules is also influenced by the way CBD is extracted from hemp. The two best methods of hemp extraction are ethanol and CO2.
  • Manufacturing standards - We only work with brands certified by international bodies such as ISO and GMP. This verifies that their CBD products are manufactured according to industry standards for quality and consistency.
  • Customer satisfaction - Customer feedback is another important factor that separates an okay brand from a great one. That’s why we examine customer reviews of CBD brands, particularly on independent review sites such as Trustpilot, to find reputable companies with satisfied customers.
  • Industry association - Another great sign of a high-quality CBD brand is partnerships with cannabis authorities such as industry associations, researchers & doctors. This highlights that a company is taking additional steps to protect customers and raise the industry’s quality standards.
  • Price - Although the price of CBD products varies, it’s also an important point to consider. The easiest way to compare prices between brands is to figure out the average price per 10mg serving of CBD. For example, capsules that cost £36.99 for a total of 500 mg CBD cost £36.99 / 50 = £0.73 per 10 MG serving of CBD. The acceptable market range in the UK averages between £0.60 – £1.1 per 10 MG serving of CBD, and you can expect to pay the higher end for better-quality products.