It all started with my wife… 

I met my wife, Kelly, in New York whilst I was living there for work. Kelly suffers from Chronic Lyme Disease. If you have not heard of Chronic Lyme Disease before, here is a great video on the disease and the controversy that surrounds it. 

For Kelly, the disease affected everything in her ‘normal’ life routine. She was forced to quit many of the things she loved, such as dancing, and her career as a Fashion Model, due to the constant joint and muscle pain, tiredness, headaches and numerous neurological symptoms. You can hear more about her story here

There is still no cure for Chronic Lyme disease, and over the past 9 years, Kelly has been on a very aggressive course of up to five different antibiotics at a time to help reduce the symptoms and get her on the road to recovery. Thankfully, her recovery is going well and she is now much healthier than she was before.

Founder of CBD Shopy and their Mission
CBD Shopy Missions Statement and Lyme

So how does this tie in to CBD? 

Throughout her journey with Lyme, one symptom that proved to be the most debilitating, but also the most difficult to effectively treat, was the joint and muscle pain. After numerous prescription tablets and ointments, Kelly was recommended by a friend in her Lyme support network to try CBD cream. 

Soon after, the CBD cream was delivered to Kelly’s doorstep and the results were amazing. She applied the cream to her three most painful joints, her shoulder, elbow and wrist. Strangely, within a short time, Kelly’s knee began to ache. She soon realised that the pain in her most painful joints had subsided from the cream, and she was now able to feel those ‘lesser’ pains in other areas. Since then, CBD has been a big part of both our lives. 

The UK

Miraculously, I managed to persuade Kelly to leave the bright lights of New York and relocate to a quiet area of the New Forest in Hampshire. Once she was settled, Kelly began looking for a CBD product in the UK that was similar to the one recommended to her in the US. 

We were both overwhelmed with the number of options. It was difficult to find information on the best recommended products on the market as well as which companies we could trust. It didn’t help reading shocking statistics like these from the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis

Surely, we weren’t the only people looking for CBD products who would benefit from a little direction. 

CBD Shopy Mission Statement

CBD Shopy 

Partnering with a long time business associate, we set about creating an independent website to help CBD customers in the UK. Our goal was (and still is) to provide useful information to improve customer knowledge, keep people informed on the market and offer an independent review of the top products available. 

We tested various products based on factors we considered to be the most important in contributing to quality and began purchasing stock from those we believe to be the best. You can find all our products in their relevant categories accompanied by the assessment criteria used.

The journey thus far with the launch of CBD Shopy has been exciting, rewarding, educational and at times a little daunting. The growing team has achieved so many great things, with much more to come. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and we thank you for choosing us as your CBD provider! 

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Disclaimer: CBD oil is currently sold as a nutritional food supplement in the UK and not as a medicine, so we’re not allowed to give any medical advice or discuss whether these products have medicinal benefits or not as per MHRA guidelines. The mentions of CBD above are anecdotal, opinion only, and should not be taken and medicinal advice.